About Us

Wicked Tine Outdoors was put together so we can show what we feel TRUE hunting is all about: Capturing the Full Story. That’s not the story of how big the deer was, like the story has become over the course of the years. At Wicked Tine, we capture the true reason why we get to hunt. We discovered over the course of time, that Blue Collar America makes it tough for guys like us to get out and hunt. At WTO, we are in that same boat; from juggling family friends and work, to doing whatever it might take to get us back in the woods. This story is real, and it is our life.

Growing up on a farm, I always enjoyed being outside. I remember being a little kid, walking behind my brother through the woods, trying to sneak up on deer with a bow. I can still remember and feel the excitement. The bug to become a hunter bit me at a very young age. I started filming my children hunting several years ago, because I wanted to be able to remember that excitement. That has progressed into wanting to have all my hunts filmed so I can show the excitement that I go through to others, and so I can relive those hunting experiences. I know the word “passion” gets thrown around too often in the hunting industry, but this is truly my passion and I enjoy the complete experience, from walking to the tree, sitting for hours, hanging out with friends and family, to seeing the big smiles behind a big buck.